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Is Integrate right for you?

The Integrate team includes a physical therapist, a Chinese medicine practitioner, and an osteopath, making our treatment skills diverse and our approach well-rounded.  We treat a wide range of diagnoses and problems, including but not limited to sports injuries, overuse and repetitive motion injuries, posture-related injuries due to computer and smartphone as well as scoliosis and all spine disorders, pre- and post-surgical therapy, headaches, TMJ dysfunction, myofascial pain syndrome, fibromyalgia and gastrointestinal dysfunction.

Our clinicians are athletes.

From running to cycling, soccer to tennis, martial arts to dancing, we have done it and continue to do it.  We are experienced and comfortable with treating athletes of all levels and all sports.  Our team specializes in working with triathletes, soccer players, tennis players, golfers, runners, and cyclists.  With expertise in anatomy, physiology, and movement, we are confident our system is effective in treating and preventing all sports injuries. We personally  know what it takes to keep our own bodies healthy and able, and are here to share that knowledge with you.  

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The Integrate team treats people of every age.

We welcome a senior population on a daily basis and accept Medicare. We are proud to have several clients currently in their 90s staying mobile and pain-free having worked with our team for the past decade.  On the other end of the spectrum, we know that it is difficult for a child to see the value of physical therapy and therefore be willing to perform rehabilitative exercises or lie still on a treatment table.  We do our best to make the exercise intelligent and therapeutic yet playful and stimulating.  Our long term goal when working with children is to teach them more about their bodies and movement, the importance of regular exercise, and how to reduce the chance of injury and development of chronic pain as they grow.

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The grind of city life results in most of us not getting sufficient rest. We are in a perpetual state of sympathetic nervous system overdrive, and are under chronic stress.  This reality is precisely why our clinical space is designed to surround you with a sense of calmness, positivity, and rejuvenation as soon as your enter.  Integrate's environment is optimal for healing and maintaining balance of mind, body, and soul. 

Many of our clients spend 8+ hours daily stuck behind a computer or smart phone. 

This is the reality of our modern world!  It's no surprise that pain and dysfunction due to poor postural habits, repetitive strain injury, prolonged sitting, and lack of time for regular exercise are issues most of us must face. To remedy this condition we blend skilled manual work, personalized home and office exercise plans, sitting and standing postural education, and ergonomic suggestions.

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Integrate is that quiet oasis in the middle of a loud, fast-paced, unrelenting city. 
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