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Integrate is Reopening

After being closed for nearly 3 months now, we are planning to reopen the Integrate Manhattan office on Monday June 8, 2020.  

To make our clinic environment as safe as possible for our clients and ourselves, we will be making some changes and take the following measures:

  • Tables will be spaced more than 6 feet apart

  • Tables will be sanitized between treatments

  • We’ll encourage clients to keep the recommended 6 feet distancing when checking in and out at the front desk 

  • High touch surfaces such as door knobs, light switches, faucet, toilet seat and flusher will be sanitized multiple times per day 

  • Clients will be asked to wear a mask and wash their hands before the start of a treatment

  • Clinicians will be wearing masks

  • Clinicians will wash their hands thoroughly between each treatment

  • Clinicians will only see one person at a time (in other words, Ari and Colin will not work as a team any longer)

  • Diffusers will be running, dispensing anti-microbial essential oils into the air around the tables

  • Windows will be open and fans will be used to move the air as long as weather permits

  • We’ll encourage clients to use the elevator one at a time or give them the option of using the stairs

As we expect it will take time for all to become comfortable with in-person and manual treatment again, so we will be offering limited hours to begin.  As the schedule fills up we will likely increase availability. 

Sessions with all clinicians will be scheduled on the hour:


Monday: 9am-12pm (ending at 1pm), 2-5pm (ending at 6pm)

Tuesday: 10am-1pm, 3-6pm

Thursday: 9am-12pm, 2-5pm

Note: for the week of June 15 available days are:  Monday, Tuesday, Friday.  


Wednesdays: 10am-4pm


Ari is currently out of town.  Anyone interested in working with Ari please email Colin to be notified of his return.


Joel is currently out of town and he suspects to return in mid to late June.  Anyone interested in working with Joel please email Colin to be notified of his return.  

We’re all excited to get back to connecting with our clients in person again, as well as have the opportunity to get our well-rested, and bored-to-death, hands back on bodies. 

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