Meet the Integrate Team

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Colin O'Banion

Doctor of Physical Therapy,

Founder and Owner

Having always been passionate about physical fitness and health, Colin O'Banion's choosing a career in physical therapy was a natural fit.  His lifelong love of sports like soccer, tennis, and running have enhanced his understanding of the physical and mental demands on the body as well as the causes, rehabilitation and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries, including his own.  


Colin holds a B.S. in Biology from Arizona State University and completed his doctorate with honors in Physical Therapy at Northern Arizona University in 2006. After graduating he moved to New York City and focused on gaining invaluable hands-on experience in diagnosing and treating a variety of orthopedic and sports injuries by working in multiple high-volume clinical settings. 

Meeting Sean Orlando during his physical therapy education sparked Colin’s interest in Eastern medicine and would ultimately lead to a great professional partnership.  In realizing the interconnectedness of the human body and the value of treating pain and dysfunction holistically, Colin began complementing his traditional western physical therapy training with studies in disciplines such as Craniosacral therapy, tui na / bone setting (Chinese medical massage), spinal mobilization / manipulation, tai chi and qigong, visceral manipulation and dry needling.  


The development of Integrate NYC Physical Therapy came from Colin’s intention to bridge  the gap between Eastern and Western medicine and their respective healing philosophies. He is currently working with the Integrate team to create a unique environment and approach ideal for effectively treating and preventing clients’ pain and impairment so commonly found in a stressful, urban environment such as New York City.  

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Allix Devenish

Classical Osteopath

Allix Devenish is a classically trained Osteopath from Canada, educated at The University of Western Ontario (London, Ontario) and the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy (Hamilton, Ontario). Practicing for over ten years in both Kinesiology and Osteopathy, she has gained respect by formulating an incredibly successful treatment protocol earning her an official spot on the Trinidad and Tobago Sports Medicine team at the Pan American Games and Junior Pan American Games in 2015.  


Maintaining a successful practice, Allix has conceptualized a very unique and efficient approach to therapy by fusing Eastern ideology and Western medicine. With this continued achievement in Osteopathic Manual therapy and Craniosacral therapy, she excels in treating pediatrics, obstetrics, and work-related injuries, 

motor vehicle accidents, postural related injuries, spinal injuries, sports injuries and more.