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After 12 years, we have closed the doors to our Manhattan location as of June 2022, and have begun working on some new projects.

We are grateful to all of the clients that have come through our doors, for the connections we have made and for the community we have built. Thanks to all of you.

If you would like to stay connected or work with Colin in the future please reach out by emailing


Integrate NYC Physical Therapy

At Integrate NYC Physical Therapy we combine evidence-based

physical therapy with classical Chinese medicine and classical osteopathy to treat, manage, and prevent a wide range of conditions in a
relaxed, peaceful setting where you can slow down and focus on your

Our unique method of treatment was developed by a physical therapist
and classical Chinese medicine practitioner working side-by-side for
over a decade.  With the addition of classical osteopaths to
our team, our treatment approach has evolved to become even more
dynamic, personalized and effective.  Our truly holistic and integrated method of treatment has proven to be very valuable in helping our clients reduce pain, recover from and often prevent surgery, restore mobility and function, and prevent future injury and disability. 

The Integrate team is experienced in treating all populations, ranging
from children to seniors, desk jockeys stuck behind a computer to
high performance athletes, and those suffering from acute and chronic pain. Treating a diverse NYC population keeps our work fresh, challenging, and rewarding.

Expeience Integrate
Our Method

Our Treatment Methods

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